About Us

To begin with, as an entertainment company, our joy is to educate(in all social forms necessary) and bring forth a social relationship comfortably enough to make your social needs a priority. We are set to give you the best at all cost in order to create a wide range of company and customer relationship in and out of your various localities. Be it as it may, entertainment so far for the past years have been a source of mental recreation to both the old and the young, the rich and the poor, the strong and the weak etc, with positive messages that may have affected ones life for the better in one way or another. Our dream is to make living an activity of global achievement for a lot of talents are wasted and going unnoticed cause we lack the housing capacity to make this talents a source of economic value to human growth.

Furthermore, Nash Entertainment has decided with it’s whole board of directors to take entertainment to the next level i.e ‘The Future’ therefore creating an open avenue for good and talented Music Artistes, Photography and clothline Models and also Fashion Designers in the right way of business strategic steps to make your dreams a reality. There is no gender specification to this opportunity so long as the party involved is qualified to take up such a task and in the end, produce products.
Entertainment is a source of Joy and Happiness with advantages strong enough to make us eager to create more employment opportunities to our youths and bring the good news of human creativity right in your doorstep, WE ARE NASH ENTERTAINMENT…..WE ARE THE FUTURE!